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And why the boys alone? Furthermore, the research suggests that these factors are more influential in terms of examination results than whether or not a school is single-sex. In the western countries, there is no separation between boys and girls in the schools.


Many are the advantages of Co-education. It takes them out of the world of narrow thinking and makes them feel the whole rhythm of life. If you want your child to go abroad, this is something you may consider. The boys and girls then enter the period of adolescence.

Institute of Education University of London. So, overall, comparing like with like is very difficult, if not impossible, to do. Nevertheless, many advocates of co-education argue that mixed schools are essential so that girls and boys can learn to live and work together. Assumptions and data behind the push for single-sex schooling in A.

Co-education has many advantages. A new study has revealed that the co-educational schools are better as the presence of girls in classes restrains boys from indulging in unruly behavior and improves their academic performance.

He believed that co-education will create a feeling of comradeship between boys and girls. According to them, this system is against the Indian culture and tradition.

In a co-educational school, boys are free to meet and talk with girls. Interaction of this kind can build more confidence in the minds of the children and they will never hesitate before talking to someone of the opposite sex. A co-ed promotes gender equality and teaches the students to respect the opposite gender.

Advantages and Dis-Advantages of Co-Education

In the middle and high schools, the classrooms which had the best academic achievements overall were consistently those that had a higher proportion of girls enrolled. In practice, this is impossible to do.

Gender in Policy and Practice: Some argue that the cinema, the T. The weight of evidence generated by researchers who have come closest to being able to compare like with like in terms of school types suggests that there are numerous variables that influence academic attainment, most notably, the social backgrounds and ability levels of the intake.

The Repudiation of Single-Sex Education:The debate of sending children to single sex school and co-educational school is an old one.


The decision should rest solely on the parents after taking into account some other major factors. School and college where boys and girls study together are called co-educational. There are many co-educational institutions in our country.

There are many arguments for and against co-education. Some are of the view that co-education is desirable at all stages of education, primary, secondary and. Plato in reality was much influenced by the co-educational system of Sparta, a city of Greece.

There the boys and girls were given both the academic and physical education together. The girls and boys studied and played together. They were both taught the art of fighting, horse riding, archery etc.

This article describes about the advantages and disadvantages of co education. Plato in reality was much influenced by the co-educational system of Sparta, a city of Greece.

importance of co- education is that children studying in a co-education school learn how to speak in-front of every one just by sending child to the all girls or.

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Write an article on co-educational school
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